you and i are just memories

its gonna be ok

my mom used to sing me this to sleep when i was small
when i couldnt sleep or when i was feeling sad.. or when was sick
and every now and then i ask her to sing it to me
im not sure why that song came to mind... but i like it

Solitaria por los rincones
temerosa de que alguin la vea
platicaba con los ratones, la pobre
muñeca fea...
Un bracito ya sele rompio
su carita esta llena de ollin
y al sentirse olvidada lloro
la grimitas de aserrin...
Muñequita, le dijo el raton
ya no llores tontita, no
tienes razon...
tu amigos no son los de
el mundo, porque te olvidaron
en este rincon
Nosotros no somos asi
te quiere la escoba y el recojedor
te quiere el plumero y el sacudidor
te quiere la arana y el viejo veliz
tambien yo te quiero y te
quiero feliz....

ps.. new backround pink_emulsion
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you and i are just memories

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Baby im afraid of a lot of things
But i aint scared of loving you
Baby i know your afraid of a lot of things
But don't be scared of love
Cause people will say all kinds of things
That don't mean a dam to me
Cause all i see is what's in front of me
And thats you

Well, ive been dragged all over the place
Ive taken hits time just don't erase
And baby i can see you've been fucked with too
But that don't mean your loving days are through
Cause people will say all kinds of things
That don't mean a dam to me
Cause all i see is what's in front of me
And thats you

Well i may be just a fool
But i know were just as cool
And cool kids...
they belong together

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you and i are just memories

i have cramps! ugh!

bbq yesterday at tiffs aunts house
then tiffs dad was being gay
so around 10 we went to bills
for munchies.. and the guy goes
oh man you just missed it they
jumped this guy outside about 5 mins ago
for some reason i though oh no ande...
so i told tiff to call him ...sure enough
it was him :( so i told tiff take me
to his house aww poor him he was all
bad he said 5 guys from 18 did it..
he was all crazy calling up peoples
and what not... so i knew i couldnt
leave him i was afraid he would
do something stupid ... so i called
my mommy and said i was sleeping over tiffs
... so tiff said sure stay i pick you
up in the morning..

as soon as i went in the house
attack of his dogs sniffing my ass
and his mom such sweet lady

i didnt get any sleep fucker snooors like
crazy! so i stayed up watching movies
i took his phone away cuz all these fuckers
where calling him ... he looked like a
chipmunk hahaha his cheeks were all
swollen and his eyes were red
him: why are you so good to me...
im such a fuck up ... im sorry i havent called
or seen you just shit has been happening
and i dont want you to get involved oh
and by the way say hi to your sister
me: oh shut up dork im here
cuz i care and thats what friends are for and yes
you are a fuck up but cuz you choose to be
no one puts a gun to your head and says
ande fuck up your life... and im gonna shut up
cuz its not like you listen to me
anyways... yeah i'll tell her
we had a sweet nite :)

now i just hope if hes planning on
getting them back that he lets others
do it for him... cuz he would be
pretty darn stupid if he did anything himself

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